How to take advantage of influencer marketing to boost your business on social media?

Imagine this. You desperately need a brand new shampoo. You
rush to your nearest store and find ten variety of shampoos on the shelf. You
have no freaking idea which shampoo will be the best one for you, so you pick
the one shampoo that is in the front on the shelf.

In a parallel universe, you still need that shampoo. But
while you’re on your way to work, you hear Selena Gomez endorsing a new shampoo
from a brand you haven’t heard of. Will you stop at a department store near
your home and purchase the shampoo? Of course, you will. What changed? The
matter of the fact is that Selena isn’t even your friend. She is a person whom
you admire her skills. This is the purest form of influencer marketing that changed
the way we view and buy products.

Do you know that every business that invests $1 in influencer marketing, makes $5.20 in return?

Influencer marketing is one of the primary ways to build
between the consumers and your brand. When consumers see your brand
as trustworthy, they feel comfortable in returning the favor by expressing
loyalty towards your brand.

The core advantage of influencer marketing is that it
will help your business to develop a long-standing relationship with your

The influencers of today can be used in a variety of ways to
target specific interests of people. The strong influencers will be able to
reach the right people who need to connect with your business.

Today, marketers are learning ways to use influencer
marketing to boost their campaign ROI effectively.

With the growing popularity of influencer collaborations, it is necessary to know the right marketing tactics to boost your business on social media.

1. Product Launch with Influencers

Brands collaborating with
influencers is not a new thing. But partnering with influencers, a product launch
can give you results beyond your imagination.

Why so? Because celebrities
have a massive following with a diversified interest. Although people know that
the influencer is being paid for endorsing the product, it doesn’t matter to
the fans as they want to feel, look, and use everything that their influencer
is “using.”

The validation from influencers
results in higher chances of conversions. 70%
of the millennials
prefer to buy products if a celebrity endorses them.  

One tactic Chanel used to
launch their Chanel No. 5 L’Eau perfume was inviting two fashion influencers to
visit their flower fields in France. The core idea was to show a connection
between real flowers and their fragrances.

By partnering with niche-based
influencers, Chanel was able to expose their brand to over 9 million people
in social media.

The company used brand
hashtags – #newchanel5 & #chanelgrasse to help people find and generate content
around the brand.

The result was 900,000 likes
in one month.

was able to get 40,000+ likes just from a single post.

View this post on Instagram

N°5 L'EAU. @chanelofficial #newchanel5 #chanelgrasse

A post shared by JULIE SARIÑANA (@sincerelyjules) on

With real roses in the backdrop,
was able to spread the message to millions of people who ended up purchasing
the product. Chanel guaranteed that the fashion blogger would create an impact
because of her previous record.

I am sure you’ll not see influencer marketing in the same way after knowing its real power.

2. Amplify What’s Working

Life is too short to cry over
spilled milk.

The thing with influencer
marketing is that you need to understand which of the strategies are working
for you and which are not giving any results.

You must devise a social media marketing strategy that will
keep your brand consistently in the front seat.

Rachel Miller encourages
brands on tagging and mentioning influencers who might find their
content valuable. This will add value to the community and entice the
influencers to share your content.

I admire tweets by Joe Clark. He mentions relevant
influencers and, in result, gets the attention that he deserves.

Brian Carter relies on
analyzing company reach via improving tracking:

“With complicated lead gen and eCommerce advertising campaigns, there’s a ton of data analysis, and many factors to look at. You want to know your number one KPI, but you also need multiple mid-funnel metrics to act as indicators of what’s going to happen further down the sales cycle.”

3. Seek Long-Term Partnership

To get the best results from
influencer marketing, it is advised to find influencers who can act as your
brand advocates in the long-run.

Mostly, brands tend to pick & choose one influencer and
stick to them for all of their campaigns. This is not a coincidence. They do it
intentionally to maintain the interest of the influencer.

A good example is Johnson & Johnson. They picked Joy Cho of Oh Joy as their brand influencers, and for
three straight years with more than 447K following the influencers can
help J&J reach a wider audience. 

You can take a hint from them.

When you strengthen your bond with the influencer, it is a
win-win situation for both the parties.

With a long-haul partnership, you’ll be able to create a level of trust with your consumers. One smart suggestion is to offer coupon codes to influencers so that they can share honest reviews that will go a long way.

4. Don’t Ignore the Micro-Influencers

Once I was assigned a job from my boss at an event to trend a
keyword in two hours. At that time, I was not aware of any big influencers. I
contacted my friend and asked for advice. He told me to forget influencers with
a large following and go for micro-influencers.

I picked four micro-influencers; we created a WhatsApp group
and started tweeting. After two hours, my boss called to appreciate it because
we were trending in the top ten, which was sustained for four straight hours.

Research confirms that 82% of the people are bound to follow
micro-influencers for product commendations. As per Kevin Kelly, you need 1,000
loyal fans to kick-start your idea into the masses.

A brand launched a launched with a select group of
influencers with a following of 500 to 5,000 people. The campaign was not just
liked, and their fans loved it.

The campaign helped the brand to reach 1.72 million people on social media, and engagement was up by 600%.

5. Pay for a genuine product review

The fastest way to get an influencer on your side is to ask
for a paid review. This type of influencer tactic works best for a consumer

You might feel that you are wasting money, but by giving the
influencers the editorial freedom, you are making them feel comfortable and

If you want a good example, check this Mommy Shorts post although the post is sponsored but
look at the way the whole post is laid out. It is like sharing the full
experience with the people.

Seth Godin famously said, “Marketing is a contest for people’s
 How much are you
willing to pay to a friend for a genuine review? Is it just about the
credibility or are you paying for doing justice with the post?

End of the Story

If you are willing to gain maximum advantage from
influencer marketing
, then it is best to follow the “less is more” mindset.
Which means quality over quantity.

This doesn’t mean that you ignore the micro-influencers who
can increase your brand reach in no-time. And most important of all, when
dealing with influencers, it is necessary to have patience & create a
long-term relationship with the influencer so that people realize the brand
ambassador as your brand advocate.

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